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Monday, March 28, 2011

Search for Extraterrestial Life Video Lectures

Hey everyone, this month I have all kinds of science video lectures about searching for extraterrestrial life.

They include videos on SETI, search for life on Mars, extraterrestrial life beyond our galaxy, what really is life, life in extreme conditions, life beyond earth, life in other parts of the Universe, and will we ever meet extraterrestrials.

A Life with SETI

Lecture description:
Dr. Frank Drake discusses the program that he founded, Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), and the possibility of finding extraterrestrial life in the greater universe.

The Search for Life on Mars

Lecture description:
Dr. Janice Bishop with Carl Sagan Center at the SETI Institute and the NASA Ames Research Center discusses Martian geology and mineralogy, and the search for life on Mars.

Life Beyond Its Planet of Origin

Lecture description:
Rocco Mancinelli, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute, discusses how research has taken the first step to understanding how organisms survive and evolve outside of planet earth.

The Search for other Earths and Life in the Universe

Lecture description:
Geoff Marcy, UC Berkeley Professor of Astronomy and Co-Investigator on Kepler Team, discusses the Keplar Teams efforts to locate earth-like planets by observing orbit, doppler shift, and dimming of Upsilon Andromedae.

Life in Extreme Environments

Lecture description:
Professor Lynn Rothschild discusses what extremophiles are, why they are important, and how they are applicable to the evolution of life, what else might be out there, and the future of life.

What is Life?

Lecture description:
Lynn Rothschild, Research Scientist NASA Astrobiology Institute Ames Research Center, discusses the need for and attempts to create an operational definition of what it means to be alive.

Strategies in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Lecture description:
The scientific hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence is now into its fifth decade, and we still haven't uncovered a confirmed peep from the cosmos. For that matter, we still dont know if life at any level of intelligence exists beyond Earth. Could this mean that finding aliens, even if they're out there, is a project for the ages one that might take centuries or longer?

Planetary Systems Around Other Stars

Lecture description:
Guest lecturer Dr. Geoff Marcy gives a lecture entitled, "Planetary Systems Around other Stars," for Professor Lynn Rothschild's Astrobiology and Space Exploration course.

Pushing the Envelope for Life

Lecture description:
This lecture focuses on extremophiles, creatures that live in extreme conditions (high radiation, high temperature, low temperature, etc).

When Will We Discover the Extraterrestrials?

Lecture description:
The scientific hunt for extraterrestrial intelligence is now into its fifth decade, and we still haven't uncovered a confirmed peep from any cosmic company. Could this mean that finding aliens, even if they exist, is a project for the ages -- one that might take centuries or longer?

Life Beyond Earth and the Mind of Man

Film description:
This film is an edited version of a symposium held at Boston University on November 20, 1972 that explores the implications of the possible existence of extraterrestrial life within the galaxy and the universe. The panel members were Dr. Richard Berendzen, astronomy professor and historian of science at Boston University; Dr. Ashley Montagu, anthropologist, social biologist and author at Rutgers University; Dr. Philip Morrison, physicist educator and philosopher of science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Dr. Carl Sagan, astronomer and exobiologist at Cornell University; Dr. Krister Stendahl, clergyman and theologian at Harvard University; and Dr. George Wald, biologist at Harvard University.

Life on Venus by Carl Sagan

Video description:
Carl Sagan discusses possible life on Venus in 1975.

Enjoy these search for extraterrestrial life lectures!

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