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Monday, June 19, 2006

Video Lectures

Welcome to my free science resource blog.

It is great that some of the top universities have published video recordings of their lectures online. Quoting professor Walter Lewin from MIT "knowledge only adds, it never subtracts".
This is true and I can't agree more. The video lectures ease perception of material enormously.

I have watched at least five video courses during last year in physics, mathematics and computer science. So I will be focusing mostly on lectures in these subjects.

A little about me.
I am physics student and I am very interested in physics so I have spent quite a while searching for all available video lectures in physics.

It is essential that a physicist knows mathematics perfectly so I have also collected links to lectures on mathematics.

One of the reasons I chose to study physics is because I was proficient at computer science and studying it would be a waste of time since I knew 80% of what is taught at university.
I have also a good collection of video lectures in computer science.

I am not interested much in other sciences so mathematics, physics and computer science is what I will be focusing on.

I will gradually publish all my findings here. I have lots of links to go through.


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